Bull & Cow Tournament

May 5th – May 7th, 2023

Swordfish Tournament

October 19th – 22nd, 2023


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2015 Marathon Offshore

Bull and Cow Dolphin Tournament

May 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Over $25,000 in Cash and Prizes!!

$10,000 First Place for largest (Bull and Cow combined)

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Past Winners Marathon Offshore Bull & Cow Dolphin Tournament

2014 Results, Thank You for a Great Tournament

1st Place Bull & Cow: Main Attraction 66.4 pounds 2nd Place Bull & Cow: The Natural 56.8 pounds 3rd Place Bull & Cow: Waypoint 53.6 pounds Largest Dolphin Overall: 40.6 pounds 3 Largest Dolphin Combined: 1st: Main Attraction 104.6 pounds 2nd: Waypoint 70.2 pounds 3rd: The Natural 64 pounds Largest dolphin on Fly: The Natural 7.2 pounds Wahoo: 1st: Spot On 9.8 pounds 2nd: Reel Conch 9.0 3rd: Sweet Carolina 7.4 Blackfin Tuna: 1st: Tavernier Creek Marina 21.2 pounds 2nd: Desperado 3.4 3rd: N/A Tripletail: 1st: Main Attraction 7.2 pounds 2nd: Tunaskin 5.4 3rd: Desperado 5.0 Top Female Angler: Pam Boring with a 25.8 pound dolphin & 22.2 pound dolphin Top Junior Angler: Spencer Deano with a 24.6 pound dolphin

2013 Results, Thank You for a Great Tournament

Top Team- Natural —-72.2# Total #2 Place Team—-Joanne Marie—-72.0# Total #3 Place Team– Back in Business–71.8# Total Largest Dolphin –Natural –52.8# 3 Largest Dolphin-Natural—116.6# Wahoo-Cutter #1–11.8# Blackfin Tuna—Smooth Opperator—-19.8# Triple Tail—Reel Conch—4.4# Fly Division–Bone Collector–18.6

2012 Results, Thank You for a Great Tournament

Top Team- Main Attraction —-42# Bull, 24.4# Cow—66.4# Total Anglers-1) Capt. Marty Lewis-Marathon 2) Bruce Boring- KCB, FL 3) Pam Boring-KCB, FL 4) Mike Cangemi-Marathon 5) Clint (Digger) Rodamer-Marathon 6) Mike Schofield-Marathon #2 Place Team—-On The Fly—–31.6# Bull, 30.8# Cow—62.4 # Total Anglers-1) Capt. Jeff Burns-Cudjoe Key 2)Rae Burns- Cudjoe Key 3)Joe Yarborough-Tampa, FL 4) Jim Parker-Apollo Beach FL 5) Matt McClary- 6) Larry Parker- #3 Place Team– Half Time–31.6# Bull, 26.8# Cow–58.4# Total Anglers-1) Capt. Spencer Deno- Miami, FL 2) Carl Deno-Miami, FL 3) Spencer Deno IV- Miami, FL 4) Billy Bain-Miami Springs, FL 5) John Bain- Miami Springs, FL 6) Katie Sofin-Miami Springs, FL Largest Dolphin –Main Attraction –42.0# 3 Largest Dolphin-Main Attraction—42.0#,24.4#,29.0# Wahoo-Team Everglades Isle–25.8# Anglers-1) Capt. Alex Dolinski-Bonita Springs,FL 2) Juergen Moross-Bonita Springs, FL 3) Mark Connoly- Bonita Springs, FL 4) Robert Duff- Bonita Springs, FL 5) Matthew Mooney- Bonita Springs, FL Blackfin Tuna—Killer Instinct—-22.0# Anglers-1) Joe Petrocco-Islamorada 2) Phil Porter-Long Key, FL 3) Juan Barcelo-Miami, FL 4) Adam Witchie- Cleremont, FL 5) Jedigel Acevedo-Islamorada, FL 6) Guido Mularzel- Triple Tail—Big Dawg—8.0# Anglers 1) Capt. Mike Biffel-KCB 2)Nick Borricino-KCB 3) Jim Reed-Haggerstown, MD 4) George Conniff-Saint Micheals MD 5) Randy Pearson- York, PA 6)James Simsic- Marathon Fly Division–Big Game–12.2# Dolphin Anglers 1) Capt Ariel Medero-Marathon 2) Mark Nixon-Castle Rock, CO 3) Gary Carlson-Castle Rock, CO 4) Boyd Lilly-Littleton, CO 5) Drew Dinian-KCB 42 Boats, 218 anglers. 100 Dolphin, 7 Wahoo, 8 Blackfin Tuna,12 Tripletail